Friday, 23 August 2013

Hat 10

CO 32 stitches, size 4mm needles with DK yarn. I prefer using Long-Tail cast on. 
Row 1-3: Knit
4: Purl
Alternate Knit/Purl rows (stocking stitch) until hat is desired height
P2tog for 1 row
K2tog for 1 row
8 stitches remaining
Continue in stocking stitch until top decoration is as long as it needs to be
K2tog, 4 stitches remaining
P2tog, 2 stitches remaining
Cut yarn, turn hat inside out, seam down the top decoration and down side of hat
Sew in ends and turn hat the right way (reversing the top decoration can be a bit fiddly), knot top

Alternatively when you have 8 stitches remaining, P2tog for another row so that there are 4 stitches remaining, then knit or crochet icord from that point. 

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